Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Leopards Leap

Leopards Leap – Pinotage Shiraz – 2007

The appearance is quite clear yet with dark colour and pale in intensity. The nose is a little heady, medium youthful intensity of red to dark red fruit and spice but nothing really characteristic. Blackcurrant leaf, vanilla, maybe a nail polish effect of volatile acidity.

First impressions on the palate is slightly drying with a clear acidity hit and a slight tannin structure, there is some alcohol presence on the medium body, defiantly feeling the oak influence and maybe a too much so, a little too much spice for me, hard blackcurrents meets hard black cherry and spice. A medium finish showing slightly unripe flavors and acididy, perhaps a little un balanced for me.

This wine is acceptable but nothing great. I feel its spice overpowers the fruit flavors too much for my liking, what are they trying to hide? It’s a supermarket mass produced school night wine at around £5 to £6, cheap but not for me. Drinkable but always trust your own palate! I will try something else next time. 84/100

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